Lynn Teo Tells CA Technologies’ Software Story

The vice president of digital marketing combines storytelling strategies and a data-driven, user-centric approach to marketing

Della Shea Champions Accountability Across the Data Landscape

As vice president, data governance and chief privacy officer of Symcor, Shea drives how the company handles the information that flows through its system

Start, Succeed, Soar

Patti Barney looks beyond the traditional technology function to build a culture of digitalization at Broward College

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At the Heart of doTERRA’s Mission

How doTERRA’s Corey Lindley builds long-term relationships with growers to create a sustainable system for the company and the planet

Setting the Example

How CGI Federal’s Michelle Hertz leverages her experiences to develop an authentic, adaptable, and team- and client-centric leadership style

Bridging the Gap Between Healthcare Administration & Law

After developing his career in both healthcare administration and law, Sam Germana built an integrated legal department as Trinitas Regional Medical Center’s first general counsel

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Hispanic Executive

How IDEA Public Schools Is Closing the Achievement Gap

Dolores Gonzalez and the charter school network are paving the path to college with three programs that help students succeed

Partnering with Patients

Cristina Contreras draws on her background in social work to make patients partners in their care at NYC Health + Hospitals/North Central Bronx

2018 Best of the Boardroom: Kimberly Casiano

As the first Hispanic woman to serve on the board of a top-five Fortune 100 company, Kimberly Casiano is establishing a legacy of diversity that goes beyond tokenism

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American Builders Quarterly

Studio Gang Carves Out a Space for the Sun

When tasked with building a tower overlooking Manhattan’s High Line, Studio Gang found new opportunities in the challenge of preserving the public space

“Go Offline and Come Inside”

Mark Boraski and Neiman Marcus are pulling out all the stops for a new flagship location in Manhattan’s new Hudson Yards development, designed to entice customers who increasingly shop on the internet

Curating a Global Real Estate Experience

After sixteen years in event production, Elizabeth Pinkham is designing a new home for the Salesforce family

Northwell Health Functions for the Better

For years, the design of waiting rooms in hospital emergency departments remained relatively stagnant. Glen Tilkin and Northwell Health are changing that.

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Modern Counsel

Defining an Industry, One Word at a Time

Kevin McDonald is coediting a dictionary of auto finance terms technical enough for industry professionals and accessible enough for everyone else

Taking Every Chance to Climb

Carrie Parikh shares how she embraced every opportunity to become the vice president of legal at Wyndham Hotel Group, where she’s helping the company spin off from Wyndham Worldwide

The Trademark Strategy of Teva Pharmaceuticals’ Larry Rickles

The chief trademark counsel explains how to align an expansive trademark portfolio with the needs of the business

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American Healthcare Leader

How Celgene’s Workforce Is Bypassing Bias

How Kimberly Lounds Foster’s systemic approach to creating an inclusive workplace is improving results at Celgene

How Penny Mills Is Expanding Access to Addiction Treatment

Addiction is a massive problem in the United States, but not everyone has the same access to treatment. Through legislative and regulatory changes, The American Society of Addiction Medicine is helping to increase access to evidence-based treatment for all.

Mark Farrow’s Strategy for Growing IT in the Face of Budget Cuts

When he was confronted with budget cuts, Mark Farrow reduced costs and improved patient care by combining in-house IT with outside consulting

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