Materials: [book] Risograph on paper; [performance] recorder, violin, viola da gamba, harpsichord; [visuals] overhead printer, transparencies, assorted objects (bowls, Kool-Aid, grapefruit, etc.)

KING OF THAT ALSO is a multimedia work created in collaboration with Fontaine Capel, Lauren Clark, and John West.

It began with texts written by Lauren Clark and me. John West took those texts and arranged them into a 20-mintue contemporary baroque piece for recorder, violin, viola da gamba, and harsichord.

In response to the text and the music, Fontaine Capel created a performance for overhead projector, which she and I performed alongside the musicians.

In response to it all, Lauren and I each wrote a text, which appears in a Risograph-printed book, designed by John and printed at Perfectly Acceptable Press in Chicago.

We performed KING OF THAT ALSO at the Baroque Room in St. Paul, MN; Poets House and St. Mark’s Church in New York City; and Pinky Swear, during the festival 2nd Floor Rear, in Chicago, IL.

You can see a video of the performance here. You can read a selection of Lauren’s poems in their book Music for a Wedding. You can see images from our performance at 2nd Floor Rear here, here, and here.

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